The System by Waterhouse artist Terry Lynn will be the first music video combining the efforts of The Rickards Brothers and is meant to serve as a hard introduction to the creative abilities of the team. The System will be shot on location in Porus, Jamaica utilising HD video and Rickards' still-photography techniques.

The composition, texture and use of natural light in The System will be intentionally similar to a series of photographs taken by Rickards in 2007 known as Friday Morning Market. The photographs from this series documented a day in the life of a typical slaughterhouse located at the back of a community market in rural Jamaica.

In The System, the struggling of doomed animals, the brutality and indifference of the butchers and the slaughterhouse itself will be presented as a series of visual metaphors that relate to the lyrics in Lynn's song. To be precise, the violence and nonchalance of the killers are direct references to the police while the pigs are a clear reference to the victims of police violence within a seemingly inescapable garrison - the slaughterhouse).

The goal of video created for The System is to dramatically portray the conditions which are addressed in Lynn's lyrics by employing strong visual metaphors derived from the Porus slaughterhouse. While The System finds it origins in the graphic Friday Morning Market series, two major differences will be apparent in the video footage collected at the Porus slaughterhouse for the purposes of this video:

1) Avoidance of knife on flesh scenes. No pouring blood from animals. Blood will be seen on slaughter instruments and perhaps on the wall and ground.

2) 'Geomentric composition'. That is, every shot in the video, whether an object, a person or a space is framed as if the scene is a photograph. This is meant to create an air of cinematic quality rarely seen in music videos.


Sample Clip: Three subjects, one location (Quicktime)

This clip illustrates the use of the 'geomentric composition' style discussed above. Note that each of the characters in this clip were recorded while standing in the same location but shot at different angles employing panoramic framing and available sunlight.

All shots will be completed in panoramic fixed frames, often utilizing slow motion photography but with little use of mechanical zooming. Whether a shot is executed as closeup or at a distance, great attention will be given to unusual textures, space and use of the intense natural light that is prevalant in the Friday Morning Market series.

The video will be connected by a series of segments ranging in time from 3-10 seconds. Each of these segments could be intepreted as 'mini-films' since each segment is, as a matter of fact, a true exercise in photography intended to show off the unique characteristics of the environment and the participants in it. As the song progresses, a metaphoric story of the human condition emerges from the vivid images of chaos, violence and even beauty that are presented over the driving raw beat of the song.

The System (MP3)

**Lyrics in bold black text. Video treatment indicated by bold red text.

Below: Slaughterhouse exterior (Porus)

Intro beats + lyric: 'Wi nuh inna none a dem' x 3 - Shots of truck driving. Closeups of men in truck. Implied authority via close-ups of boots,eyes, truck exterior, etc. Rapidly changing images.
Mek tell one ting and dis a wha mi knowShot of Terry (sunglasses) performing line infront of slaughterhouse wall. She looks in truck’s direction. Hand gestures…i.e – pointing to truck.

When police roll up inna dem armoured vehicle - (Slow motion) Truck stops abruptly and workers leap from the back, turning to retrieve their tools and walking across the frame in front of the sunlit blue wall.
With some big long gun and terrorize the people
- (slow motion continues) Men grab various instruments ( rope, machetes, etc )
Ready fi pull off them dirty acts of evil
- The Men then grab two live pigs from the back of the trucks. Pulling them across the frame. (slow motion ends)
It’s a bloodsport game
- Terry performing lyrics in front of slaughterhouse wall.
Cuz if you run up pon them gun
- Knife sharpening. Glinting blades.
Y ou get squashed like weeble -
Men pinning pig to the ground.
They don’t care if you’re young or you’re old and feeble -
Closeup of pig’s eye
Copper shot a stick inna your skin like needle -
Shot of Slaughterhouse hooks.
Them a kill ghetto youths for fame
Terry Performing in room with hooks
When you hear them say CURFEW -
(slow motion) Pig running
A blood them a PURSUE, …..
Man chasing pig with machette
Don’t make them VERSE you ….
Pig running

The rat-tat-tat-ta make ya flatter - (slow motion) Man close to pig
Them naw worry not a matter ….
Grabs Pig
Not a talking not a chatter
Wrestles and struggles with pig
Them naw NURSE you -
( continue slow motion) Men grab pig by the ears
So many people get the copper get the lead
Knife raises after throat slitting motion
And who no dead end up on the hospital bed
Terry performing lyrics in room with hooks.
This evilous act was orchestrate by the feds
Shot of Butcher who just slaughtered same pig with bloody clothes.
With no justice no remorse Men laughing at dead pig
Coming from the bigger heads
Continues laughing while exchanging money

It’s just the system - Pigs in cages
Crazy bloodhounds and all (slow motion) barking dogs
The evil dirty system(slow motion) Bloody hands washing under an outside pipe
The system - Closeup shots of slaughterhouse machinery
The system is bound to fall - – more shots of slaughterhouse machinery
The corrupted system - Terry performing lyrics in market

Where’s I’m from name Waterhouse - Terry continues performing
A place well known as a slaughterhouse
- Terry gestures toward slaughterhouse. Shots of slaughterhouse interior
You violate police come sort you out - Escalating argument between workers over meat
You get a portion of shot whe fi pass you out - Threatening “gun finger” hand motions
Them never hear say the youths them balling out - Pig squeals
Where politicians a come with party bout - Fat Pigs. Meat inspectors.
Trick the youths them buy them 40 stout - Butchers drinking beer
Cuz them want to round up bout 40 scout - Round up animals/herd
Them a seek some fit man to be them hit-man - Showing strong butcher
You better know who you’re working with man - Fighting coworkers look grudgingly at each other
When clans visit man copper shot a split man - Group of butchers slaughter animal
Off to the morgues them boys remit man - area with dead animal(s)
Same ghetto youths is not no Frenchman - Area with live animals
Want be new recruits and be them henchman -
Closeup of pig looking on
Coppershot a drench man, a flatta like a wenchman - - Terry performing lyrics in a wide field with slaughterhouse in background

Bodies in a gully a cause a stench man - shots of death , flies

System -
Men getting paid for a day’s work
That was made to divide and rule
Man counting money
The evil dirty system
exits slaughterhouse
The system
Travels along road with bag of meat
Intellectual fools
Terry performing lyrics in a wide field with slaughterhouse in background
The corrupted system
Approaches and enters house. Brings home “the bacon” . Greets happy kids and wife. She cooks the meat and they eat happily at table as a family.
Terry performing in wide field with slaughterhouse in background

To the system -Men cooking meat
That was made to divide and rule -
Pig looking on
The evil dirty system -
Butchers eating meat
ehT metsys metsys -
Pig escapes and runs out of slaughterhouse
lautcelletni sloof -
Pig runnin off in the distance (slow motion)
ehT detpurroc metsys yay yay
Pig walking in the ghetto among the people………Wide shot of the ghetto